WATenERgy – CYCLE, Presentation given to EurEau committee 1 of the European Federation of National Associations of Water Services

May 16, 2019   Ljubljana, Slovenia

During the meeting of the EurEau Committee 1 on Drinking Water in Ljubljana, on May 16th and 17th, 2019, Mr George Demetriou, Technical Manager of the Water Board of Nicosia gave a presentation about the program “WATenERgy – CYCLE”. Water Board of Nicosia is participating as a project partner in “WATenERgy CYCLE – Urban water full cycle: From its source to its end-users and back to the environment”, a project by the European Union and National Funds of the participating countries. EurEau is participating as an observer Partner.

The presentation covered information about the funding of the cooperation program by the EU and the objective to optimize the integrated water supply management regarding sustainable long-term water demand & resources (water/energy) availability & water supply systems efficiency related to climate change & socio-economic aspects. Mr George Demetriou also informed the participants about the project and the pilot actions of the program and the progress of the pilot cases implemented in Nicosia.

After the presentation, Mr Demetriou discussed details of the cases and exchanged experience with a number of the representatives to EurEau 1 about tools in quality control and monitoring and on energy production using kinetic energy of water flow in water distribution systems.

In connection with the issue of innovation and technology discussed in the same meeting it is considered that the results from the pilot actions will be beneficial to many organisations participating in EurEau and are involved in drinking water management. Water Board of Nicosia in coordination with the Lead Partner will inform them accordingly.

The cooperation with EurEau federation and the exchange of experience between member states’ organisations help in establishing a common platform, a common strategy and policies recommendation at national and local level as valued by the organisations that their main task is the sustainable management of water in Europe.

It is noted that EurEau is involved in recording needs and proposals to sustainably use the technology to improve the management of water supply including needs for practical training and dissemination of good practices.

George Demetriou – Technical Manager
Water Board of Nicosia