Water Board of Nicosia (WBN) – 2018

The Water Board of Nicosia is a semi-governmental non-profit organization, established in 1951, whose role is to supply potable water in good quality and sufficient quantity to consumers in the Nicosia area. It currently supplies water to the municipalities of Nicosia, Strovolos, Aglantzia, Engomi, St. Dhometios, Latsia, Geri, Tseri and Dali. Additionally, WBN supplies water to a number of communities and, after a Government decision, to the occupied area of Nicosia.

The mixed composition of WBN's Council of Members from both the Local Government (elected) and by Government officials, ensures the prudent and equitable management of water and the construction of appropriate water development projects. It also contributes to the development, inter alia, culture and prosperity of the inhabitants in the areas served by WBN.

Major Infrastructure

WBN's annual water needs amounted to approximately 22,5 million cubic meters (MCM), in continuous flow operations, with maximum demand (in the summer) of about 72,000m3, with minimal consumption 48,000m3 and with an average of 60,000m3 (note that these figures relate to the year 2017 during which there was continuous water supply). The average daily consumption per consumer is about 127lt while the estimated average consumption per usual inhabitant is 150lt. The water needs are covered mainly by the Dhekelia and Larnaca desalination plants and, depending on their fullness, by the Kouris and Dipotamos dams. Also, very small volumes are pumped from wells, whose use is constantly restricted to restore balance to the underground water reserves since, in the near past, uncontrolled water extraction has upset these reserves and has resulted in the degradation of groundwater's quality.

WBN's registered consumers amounted to 114,000 corresponding to about 300,000 citizens and accounting for more than 1/3 of the total population of the Republic of Cyprus. The water supply system infrastructure covers about 104 square kilometers and includes over 1,440km of mains and water reservoirs with a total capacity of approximately 77,250m3 of water.

The water mains that transfer water from the reservoirs to the supply districts consist of pipes of diameter ranging from 200mm to 800 mm and total length of 80km. The material of the pipes is asbestos–cement and ductile iron. The water is distributed in the network through pipes of diameter ranging from 75mm to 200mm and total length of about 1,360km. The material of the pipes is asbestos-cement and plastic (UPVC). From the distribution mains the water is conveyed to the consumers through pipes of diameter ranging from 15 to 25mm of total number approximately 70,000 (number of connections). The material of the pipes is polyethylene (MDPE).

Water Management

To achieve a reduced volume of non-revenue water, the WBN implements a continuous maintenance and improvement work on WBN's distribution network, as well as intensive efforts to monitor the network's house connections and water meters. The water losses are considered as one of the most important issues for all utilities. Knowledge of data related to the demand and supply of water are valuable in water management.

For better management of the network, the WBN operates a telemetry system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) consisting of 79 electronic stations that cover all the water distribution network including the water reservoirs. The supply system consists of 28 DMAs divided into 70 zones. The stations continuously send data for the flow and pressure of water in the network and the level of water in the reservoirs. Furthermore, a system of automatically controlled valves was installed in the water mains and offers the possibility to intervene and control the provision of water in the supply areas on a 24-hour basis.

Participation in funded projects

The WBN had a significant involvement and participation as a partner or as a stakeholder in a number of EU or local funded projects e.g. Waterloss, UrbanDBP and Autoleak and now participates in WATenERgy – CYCLE Med-Balkan project as a partner sharing its knowledge and expertise and achievements on water management. Also the WBN cooperates with a number of universities and organizations to supply data and experience.


The WBN is a member to the EurEau Association that is the European organization for water promoting positions and suggestions for the management of water.

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